<aside> 💡 Looking to create maps, upload data layers or export workspace elements from a Felt map programmatically? The Felt API lets developers build workflows and applications to interact with Felt using code!

Check out the full API documentation here: Felt Public API reference


What Is The Felt API?

The main way for users to create maps and upload data is directly inside the Felt app. However, software developers may choose to interact with Felt programmatically, enabling them to create maps and upload data via code.

Requests to the Felt API all start like this:


Authorizing Requests

Requests to the Felt API must include a special authorization header like this:

authorization: Bearer <access token>

Types of Authorization

There are two ways of authorizing requests to the Felt API:

What Can I Do With The Felt API?

Identifying A Map ID

Requests that are aimed to a specific Felt map require knowing that map’s ID. The map ID is the part of a URL that goes after the map title and before the query parameters.

For instance, in the following URL:


The map ID would be the part after the last dash: SssjclTrScGmH4TfPHzNjD.

Creating A Felt Map

To create a Felt map, simply perform a POST request to the following endpoint: